A cleaner, greener, more sustainable option for your projects

As a Supplier of Capral, AllGlass Group is excited to introduce LocAl®, a lower-carbon primary aluminium option available across Capral’s locally manufactured extruded aluminium products. Providing Australian manufacturers access to cleaner, greener, more sustainable aluminium for their projects.

The LocAl® offer includes two lower carbon aluminium options: LocAl® Green with carbon emissions of 8kg CO2e/kg Al* and LocAl® Super Green at 4kg CO2e/kg Al* – amongst the lowest carbon aluminium available globally.

At eight kilograms of carbon emissions per kilogram of aluminium, the LocAl Green offer has 50% lower carbon emissions than the current global average for primary aluminium. At 4 kilograms, LocAl Super Green is 75% lower; this is a significant reduction. It gives Australian manufacturers an important opportunity to make more responsible procurement decisions when they source extruded aluminium.

LocAl® aluminium is available across Capral’s locally manufactured. extruded aluminium products including custom-designed aluminium sections, standard extrusions, geometrics, transport sections, solar rail, and marine. LocAl® Green will be supplied as standard on all Capral proprietary window and door systems from November 2022.

You can find out more about lower-carbon aluminium at lowcarbonaluminium.com.au.